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I had a physical reaction to something that never happened in the performance of a man who did not know before. said. "Well, I have this way before, but I have to admit, very rarely, and I've never met a woman certainly as beautiful and attractive as you, " My nipples shivered silently momporn reading a laugh , said: "I bet you say that all girls ! " laughed : " I ​​do not like that! " We started talking and he asked momporn me if I lived locally, and I told him not far from the beginning of the road. As we talked I realized he was mentally undressing me, and a shiver of excitement ran through me and I must admit I am something I could not remember doing since it hasOung girl. I wondered what was the tail that way. What will become of me? I thought. I was like a man I used to do what he had to offer and in the other day I had answered. " Ever wanted to kiss a stranger Because I like to kiss you ? " " Oh!" : Well, again I was surprised I could not believe what they say and do not walk away when he came, took me in his arms and momporn kissed me. A bomb exploded somewhere inside. I gasped when we parted, "Do you often go around kissing other women?" I asked. " No, this is the first time. Do not know what happened, but I could not help me. " "I'm glad I did," he replied, " because I liked very much and want us to kiss again! " so we have, I felt his penis begin to rise. ", begins to have a serious effect on me," he said and kissed me for the third time, this time, stroked her breasts and hard cock against my stomach now. He said, " Would you like to find a place we ev..... s more private ? " We strolled slowly along searching several promising breaks in the foliage, until he suddenly pulled me behind him and one that founf in a small clearing. It was about six meters long and ten and had a hump in the end. We kissed again, very passionate, he rubbed his penis against me to start my fanny intertwined causes. suddenly I realized how much he wanted sex. Why ? I was very happy to have sex with my husband. However, I have done nothing about it. unbuttoned her dress and began to stroke my face my breasts under my b
Quotes a. "moment," said I came off the top momporn of my dress and remove the bra, took it off. immediately started kissing my momporn breasts and pinching sucking my nipples erect. the erotic sensations went straight to my Fanny, I'm sure he knew. it was obvious that I was feeling very experienced cock through his pants and opened the remaining buttons and slipped on my dress. He strestart soon undressed and saw another man 's cock for the first time in almost twenty years. It was much the same size as Dave and felt the same, but I took his hand. Soon we were on the ground, the grass is as soft as a carpet. He slid down my pants and took them off, I knew he was looking for, so I spread her legs for him to see. I 'm one of those women whose rear is almost closed, and even if they have played everything in this state immediately after intercourse. I was playing with his cock and soon I had awakened. His prelude really became what it was not long before they spread their legs and got between them, I felt his penis against my ass and I reached out my channel and maneuver in love. I soppimg wet and his cock came just in me. He started fucking away. After a moment or two, I momporn cried, "Please fuck me hard, hard as you can! " He obeyed immediately and I noticed his breath, he would not last long. He did not, but duringthat lasted a paradise, especially if, as he rammed his cock so hard I almost buried me then shot his load inside me a growl. Wonderful ! I really will, and he had great courage, I filled, and then dropped on me, his cock still inside. He said : "This is the first I've heard of a man whose name I do not know, fuck ! " " is the first time I have a woman whose name I know momporn you've fucked! " He said. "It's Shirley," he said. " and I'm Graham. " "You can come back? I'd love to have a very long, loving, dammit. " " Give me a few minutes," he gasped. His cock was inside me, and after a few minutes I started to tighten internal muscles rhythmically my ass. Soon hard again and gave me exactly what I wanted. I have to go now, call the duties of a housewife, but if you know how it worked to keep an eye on !


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Apparently my last post upset anyone, because it was not... I have mine published. Anyway, I'll try to have it modified. My name is momporn Shirley, I am a housewife married 38 years with Dave, who is two years older. Two years ago I had an experience that surprises me more than one reason as we shall see. Dave is a great man 5'10 " and well built, very handsome and I love him to pieces. This happened two years ago on a warm Sunday afternoon in early September. Dave was watching football in heaven, and although I love football, I decided to take a walk. We have a nearby river and a few years ago I took a pleasant walk along its shores by accident. We had a dog at the time, and I took a walk, and disappeared through a small gap between the bushes and undergrowth separating a popular walk from the river. If it does not, I worked my way through the undergrowth and found myself in a field of six feet wide soft short grass between the bushes and the river. Disappeared in the distance, like my dog had to do it fast ! He had apparently momporn been in this area before. That Sunday in the summer of my way through the undergrowth and on this long road, I call it that, although no signs of anyone ever with him and I had never seen anyone there yet seen together in recent years. was a pleasant ride, quiet, especially on a day like that, and I have walked a mile and a half before he is again. I was wearing only a light cotton dress with momporn a bra and summer pants down, I am very pretty and have a good figure but I've always been very passionate and sexy, and my love life with Dave was very nice. This is what made what happened next, as a surprise to me, although I was very sexually active before meeting David had never played since. momporn Anyway, walking back along the river turned a corner and almost met a man coming in the opposite direction. The two ApolloGISED and had a laugh. He said : "I was so surprised to see you, I have to walk this path for more years than I loved and I never saw momporn a soul. " He was a bit taller than Dave, and I guessed a few years older, was too cute to be honest momporn